Our Fees

This firm usually charges fees based on one of three billing methods:

  • Hourly billing
  • Contingent fee
  • Flat fee

In cases in which we use the hourly billing method, our fees are generally based on the amount of time and the responsibility involved in handling your case. To an extent, certain tasks are unit billed; that is to say, a given task always is billed the same amount of time. In most cases we require you to place a retainer with our firm to cover any future billings.

In cases in which we use the contingent fee billing method, our fees are based upon a percentage of whatever amounts we recover for you in your case. This type of billing method usually is used in personal injury cases and certain other areas. If we do not obtain a recovery for you, either through settlement or a trial, you do not owe us any fee. However, in those types of cases, you likely still will owe the firm for any expenses we have advanced.

Flat fees sometimes are used for matters in which the amount of time we will be spending pursuing your case is reasonably predictable and for certain institutional clients. You will pay one amount in the beginning for all of the work done in that type of case or a certain amount per month.

In any type of case we handle for you, we may incur expenses on your behalf, such as filing fees or other out of pocket costs. No matter the type of billing arrangement, you will be required to reimburse us for those costs.

If you need to contact us, call (423) 622-4535, or send a fax to (423) 622-4583.